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    Using Dreamweaver and Google Sites

    I'm new to website design. I'm using Dreamweaver and hosting by Google sites.Any and all help would be helpful


    my website is www.lcrb.me and it's a site about my Pathfinder campaign

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    Your site is currently not viewable. You said that you were new to web design, and although Dreamweaver is a fantastic platform to work from, without basic knowledge of programming you could get yourself in trouble real quick.

    Hosting platform does not matter as long as you have direct access to the server. CPannel is used quite often for this. FTP access is a must to edit individual files, as well as having direct access to your CSS, PHP, XHTML, JavaScript, and or other files you may have.

    There are several CMS that are freely available for beginners. I recommended starting off with WordPress. I have several sites you may view for different ideas. http://www.integraldezign.com http://www.dropzonecc.com are just a couple.

    Without a basic building block to get you going, a design from scratch can be both a challenge, and frustrating. However, with a successful build it can be very rewarding. Dreamweaver is a great tool and fantastic for on the fly updates, but programming is also involved. Depending on the type of platform you desire it could be quick but most likely you will want a more robust platform shortly after.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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