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    Using the 1 month free trial website builder

    How do I Delete the websites I just created ? (I wanna delete them coz Im using my GoDaddy domain to/for my blogger acct & these recently-created websites have messed things up ie. when I visit my godaddy URL ,its going to these websites when its supposed to be going to my blogger acct' blogs 😥😰😢) After doing those 5 steps (to replace my blogspot URL with my GoDaddy custom domain) , must I "add DNS hosting" ? Coz those 5 steps haveNt worked out (everyday /every other day I have to keep Re-adding the "C-NAMES" & "A-RECORDS" under "DNS Templates" 😢😢😢) HELP !!!
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    Hi @NewHere!


    If you are trying to restore your connection to your blogger account, deleting the Website Builder won't do that. Once the new site is connected, it won't redirect back to your old site unless you manually change the settings in what's called your DNS Zone File on your domain.


    Depending on how you set it up before, you could reconnect by changing either the A record or forwarding the domain. Here are instructions on how to make the changes:

    As for what changes to make, that depends on your blogger account. Usually, somewhere in your profile settings they will offer instructions on how to connect/use a domain registered elsewhere. Those are the instructions you want to look for. They will tell you what to change, and the instructions above will tell you how to change them.


    I hope this helps!

    When I went into DNS zone file ,it asked for "domain name" , when I put my domain name in, it said an error message. I just went into my Domain Manager , DNS templates & again Re-added my A Records ! What's frustrating about this is After I've added my A Records, there's No "save" button <- Maybe this is why I have to keep Re-adding them ?!? At some point Before, it said "we couldNt apply all zone records to your template, please review"

    If you have a template in place, that would be a reason why it's not letting you save the changes you're trying to make. Things like security, site protection, and 3rd party hosting can interfere with your ability to edit records.


    Without seeing a copy of your records, it's hard to know what it is going on. It sounds like you have the right idea, but you might need to reach out to Customer Support to have someone look at your settings and see if there would be something interfering with your changes.

    Can someone please tell me how to Delete my websites (I tried creating using this 1 month free trial GoDaddy has given me) coz its Not really working on my device & seriously messedup my life (I can't change the template ,its currently on the "shop/store" template which is showing my physical address & cell number <- my enemies who are always looking for me online could find this & through it find gmail address & through that ,find my whole new online life which I obviously don't want them finding...) & I can't write a "Header" message....;Coz these websites have stolen the GoDaddy domain from my blog site...I clearly know nothing about internet/domain etc. Stuff & no one to help me here at home...; I've looked everywhere for GoDaddy' support/contact Email address (for them to delete it from their side) but find it 😧😰