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    Videos on my website created through GoDaddy not autoplaying on Andriod devices


    I am new to website design and development. I decided to set up a blog and that's when I chose GoDaddy to create a website for the same. Through its 'website builder' tool, I uploaded a video on the Home page from its collection of stock videos. Upon publishing the website, while the video autoplays on laptop/desktop, it remains still like an image when accessed on an android device. I cleared the cache history on my android device and a few others on which I tried but to no avail. 

    I called up the GoDaddy Customer Care thrice for this issue and each time I received a different response, or something that didn't sound convincing at all. Their basic excuse was that since I am on a trial period of the Standard plan, not every feature might be accessible to me. Now, as per my understanding and experience of using trial versions of different services online, the user is allowed access to every service in the bouquet until the expiry of the trial period, beyond which it's up to the user if he/she wishes to continue using the same service by paying a subscription fee.


    Any suggestions? 

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    Hello @mayank29 and welcome to the Community!


    I apologize for the late welcome and response. Were you able to get this issue fixed and do you mind sharing how for other end users who may experience this issue?


    If you were not able to get the issue fixed, do you mind sharing your domain to assist with troubleshooting?


    Again I do apologize for the delayed response and I hope you have a wonderful day!

    GoDaddy Support is available 24/7!