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    Want to add a new page to the site without navigation bar - GoCentral template


    I am looking into adding a popup subscription page and landing pages to the site. From what I have read it is best not to have site navigation on these types of pages. I am using a GoCentral template and can create pages without it showing on the navigation bar but I cannot create a page and not have the navigation bar on it.  Does anyone know of a way I can add pages to the site without it showing the navigation?




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    Re: Want to add a new page to the site without navigation bar - GoCentral template

    Hi @Arrow1,


    All pages of the site will share the same header navigation so it is not possible to have one page without any navigation. You said you are trying to add an email subscription page? Have you considered using the built-in Subscribe section that integrates with our GoCentral email marketing application? It will automatically put all collected emails into a list where you can send newsletters and other promotions. One suggestion is to add an action button to your header labeled "Sign up to receive our updates" and have that button link down to the Subscription section. This makes it easy for your visitors to quickly input their email without navigating away from the page.