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    Website Builder Format Issues On Multiple Pages After Publishing

    Product: Website Builder

    After making any changes to a page and publishing, the borders and text on other pages is clipped or out of alignment.  Even if I make a small change (edit text) on one page, it seems to affect most if not all pages which I haven't even edited.  This has been happening to me for months now and the only fix is to preview every page, dbl or single click on the problematic text, border, or picture so that it normalizes....and then publish with my fingers crossed.

    Is anyone else having these issues?

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to resolve this please let me know.  What should require 5 minutes of work is now turning into 30 minutes of reviewing the whole site for any weird formatting errors. Man Frustrated




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    Re: Website Builder Format Issues On Multiple Pages After Publishing

    Hi @wizard124, thanks for posting.

    I haven't seen or heard or any issues like this before.

    It might be caused by one or more shared blocks on your site. If any of the blocks are shared, editing them on one page will duplicate change changes across all pages. You may want to double check that to see if that is the case.

    You may also want to contact support to see if they can review your account in detail with you to see if there's anything specific to your account that might be causing this.


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