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    Website Builder HTML Module Not Rendering in Edge

    I'm starting a new thread at the suggestion of GoDaddy support as there is a lot in a previous thread that has never been resolved (well it supposedly was in May 2018 but all the posts after that indicate it was not or somehow got undone).  That thread was https://www.godaddy.com/community/GoCentral-Website-Builder/HTML-section-not-rendering-in-Microsoft-...


    No matter what I have in that module, whether my html code to enable PayPal subscription payments or just the word "test" it does not appear. I read about Edge not supporting something called srcdoc but that in a future build (now out and on my pc) it would be there, but no change.  I've attached 3 images of the section in question, one each from Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, in that order (the one without "test" in small letters below "HTML Test" is the one in Edge.  I'm on WIndows 10 latest update.


    I've called in to GoDaddy support 3 times in the past month.  The first rep saw the problem but downplayed the importance of Edge (not a great answer).  The second 2 times they did not see the problem.  But this was brought to my attention by a customer trying to place an order so I KNOW it's not just my PC, plus there's that past thread on the topic.  Also, no problem using Safari on my iPhone either.chrome.jpgfirefox.jpgedge.jpg



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    Was this ever resolved?  I am having the same issue with my website - an Internet radio channel, and Microsoft Edge users cannot see the player.   GoDaddy Help has been no help.   Any answers yet?