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    Website Builder SSL

    So, I've found that: "If you are using Managed WordPress or GoCentral, your SSL certificate is automatically installed for you."


    But, what about the Website Builder. We have that. Does it not get an SSL automatically installed as well? We have v.7. If we get on too, is the SSL free? If not, I see that Start SSL has a reasonable DV SSL, but then how do I install it?


    On the entire GoDaddy.com site, I cannot for the life of me get concrete answers and chat is never there.


    Instructions/instruction pages/etc are so greatly appreciated.

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    Super User III

    Re: Website Builder SSL

    Hey there @builditgood,


    To my knowledge, none of the Website Builder v7 products come with a free SSL. It's an outdated platform that GoDaddy will eventually EOL. In order to get those benefits, you'd need to upgrade to the new website builder, GoCentral.

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    Re: Website Builder SSL

    Do you perchance know if a third party SSL can be used with the website builder?

    Thanks for your responses! It is appreciated!



    Re: Website Builder SSL

    Well, this is no longer an issue. I spoke with a lady in support, she gave me a great deal on a 2 year SSL. Just about as cheap as other third party SSLs I've looked at, so I went for it. They will install it too.


    Also, she said they are not dissolving the website builder, and if were to, they would give us advance notice. But, if they did inform us that it would happen, we'd could just change to a regular hosting account on a monthly basis until we got the site completed in that new hosting account. (I didn't want the Go Central because of all I heard about it on the forum)


    They were very accommodating and answered my question thoroughly! I'm happy and thrilled with the service I got!

    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Website Builder SSL

    Thanks for coming back to the Community @builditgood to share your experience! Glad you were able to get SSL and we took care of you. Hope to see you around more in the Community!