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    Website Builder - Submenu without a page or link.

    I'm using Website Builder and have a series of document that I want to link to from a submenu.  It seams that to create a submenu the menu itself must link to eater a page or a document but can't be just a submenu.  Example where "Services" and "Documents" are SubMenus and do not have a page or link.  Can this be done?


    Main Menu

    -> About Us (Page

    -> Contact US (Page)

    -> Services (No Page or Link)

    ->-> Service 1 (Page)

    ->-> Service 2 (Page)

    ->-> Service 3 (Page)

    ->-> Documents (no page or link)

    ->->-> Document Link 1 (Link)


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    Re: Website Builder - Submenu without a page or link.

    I looks like ALL menu entries must Navigate to something, either a page or a file.

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    Helper IV

    Re: Website Builder - Submenu without a page or link.


    Ah but there may be a way yet. Have you tried linking to the page called #


    It's just the # (hash sign).


    This is known as the empty anchor link and it will not do anything when clicked. But if you enter that as the destination page on any link it will just not go anywhere






    That link will go to the website but not to any other page.

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