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    Website Builder Twitter feed unsecured http coding mistake.in script / app

    I noticed that my site was listing secure and unsecure content on the page.

    I was confused by this cause Gdaddy dishes out my site with an SSL cert.

    After a little research i found the problem.

    The App for Twitter was linking to a unsecure link for my twitter profile.

    I copied this link and flipped the http to https and low and behold it worked.


    This is a coding mistake in the app for twitter linking.


    I called in to try to report this problem, and after a frustrating 30 mins I gave up.


    They keep telling me their was nothing they could do.

    But yet I couldn't open any kind of trouble ticket or developer request / Bug report with him.


    This is the 2nd time or so I have had an advanced problem with godaddy hosting / services and could not get the point across or resolve.

    Last time took 7 calls before they realized they had some kind of issue with DNS pushing out Multiple IP for my A record for hosting.


    This is the first post of 7, in different fourms I am making.

    I would suggest this..

    Give the clients access to speak to someone in level 2 or face the flames.

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    Hey @Cyberzero,


    Sorry to hear you were running into issues, but good catch on what you were seeing.  GoDaddy does have a Bug Bounty program where you can submit information on various bugs.  This help article can help give you more info on how to submit any bugs you see:




    Hope that helps.



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