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    Website Builder and Hosting?


    First basic questions with more to follow, I am sure:

    - If I buy Website Builder do I also need to buy hosting/

    - If I buy Website Builder can I activate the emails before I build the website?

    Thanks in advance!

    This should be great fun. ;o)


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    Re: Website Builder and Hosting?

    Hello @ColoGuy,


    Our Website Builder comes with it's own hosting space that is part of the application, so no additional hosting purchase is necessary. 


    As for setting up email, you should be able to use your credits toward setup of a new email address at any time. No need to publish the site before you setup the email. 


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    Re: Website Builder and Hosting?

    Since Website builder comes with its own hosting space, as you said, if I wan't to change from website-builder to regular hosting, do I have to purchase more hosting or can I use the credit from my website-builder purchase?