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    Website Builder cost?

    1.my website template was built and formerly hosted on Bludomain.  Some time ago I switched by hosting to Go Daddy (keeping the same website domain and template).  Most recently I renewed GD hosting for $395.00 which expires 11/2021.   

    2. My site has become glitchy and access to my old bludomain template for edits is not working properly, plus their tech support is basically non-responsive.  It's old, and I would like to start fresh with a more modern look and mobile friendly site. Earlier in the week I was advised by GD tech (fixing and email security issue) to try GD's Website Builder or Wordpress templates, since I already host there it would be an easy switch, he said. Checked out the templates.. they look good.

    3. Called GD support to find out costs and was told it would be $107-119/year for a basic plan. I could not get the answer if I was going to have to pay for the template AND the hosting, or was the $107+/year "all inclusive".   AND here's the worst part... I would lose my $395 prepaid hosting on my old site. I'm not changing domain names... just the appearance of the site. Is this accurate?  The gal on the phone had a hard time answering my questions. Maybe she got it wrong. She literally said it was "not practical" to update my website and to leave it alone until 11/2021.  Advise? 

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    Re: Website Builder cost?

    Hi @kellyob,

    I hope by now that you've made a decision about what plan you're interested in. If not, you should find this information helpful to see all of the GoCentral plans by comparing costs and features. https://www.godaddy.com/websites/website-builder/plans-and-pricing 


    Please let us know if you have any more questions. Take care!



    Re: Website Builder cost?

    You would get a choice of template included when you switch to gocentral. I would call again, tell them you already paid til 2021  and would like that payment cover the cost of your new gocentral website so that you are not paying more than you already have. 

    Re: Website Builder cost?

    thanks for the replies! I did call back and got a totally different answer! They pro-rated my pre-paid hosting on my old site and applied it towards my new site with GoCentral template hosting. All is well! 🙂