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    Website Builder text links

    - I am new to Website Builder. I have text in a text box and I need to use part of it for a text link. When I click on the text box, I only get a short list of options - Edit, Settings, Copy, and Delete. I tried double-clicking like suggested in the online tutorial, but no luck.


    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Website Builder text links

    Greetings @peadams1992, Hmmmm, the tool is working, I just saw someone use it and I tried it in my own account. I would suggest seeing if a pop-up blocker might be on, using a different browser,  or clearing cache and cookies on the one you're using and trying that double-click again. If it still doesn't work, contact support for a look at your specific instance.


    Best of luck,

    Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at x.co/247support

    Re: Website Builder text links

    Thank you for your response. I hadn't considered turning off the popup blocker.

    It seems to be working now. I sincerely appreciate the help.

    Re: Website Builder text links

    When I try to add a link, I just get a small box with an X and a checkmark.  I highlight text first in the description box, and then the link icon lights up.  But I cannot get any further.  What is supposed to happen next?  My browser says the popup blocker is off.  Thanks,

    Re: Website Builder text links

    I have the same issue...were you able to solve it? If yes, how?

    Re: Website Builder text links

    I too have the same situation. Suggestions? I see this question has been up for almost two months?

    Re: Website Builder text links

    Why is no one answering this question? I am having the same problem months later.

    Re: Website Builder text links

    I'm trying to add links within a text block on a section of a page and since I don't see an option for "link to one of my web pages", I'm using url address.  But these are not working for me.


    My page is currently published to ..... godaddysites ..... so perhaps this functionality will work properly after I go live?


    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Helper I

    Re: Website Builder text links

    Yes, same problem today Aug 02, 2017 cannot add a link for web site to text in web page.


    Why cannot this simple step be done?


    Re: Website Builder text links

    I also had this problem this morning when wanting to add a link to a page on my website.  This was not an issue in the past, I think GoDaddy might have made a change to the security associated with their toolset?  I added GoDaddy to my trusted sites in my browser and then the full text editing menu appeared!  It's weird that having or not having GoDaddy in the browser trusted sites would affect the functionality of the tool, but that seems to be the case.

    Clickable Link to Phone Number?

    Hello all,


    I am having a bit of trouble finding a way to use the now very handy "tel:1-888-555-5555" or similarly functioning link prefix in order to make the text of a phone number become a clickable link that auto-opens a smart phone's phone app pre-filled with the phone number, ready to call. Just like using the prefix "mailto:someone@somewhere.com" auto-opens an email app pre-filled with the destination address.

    Any ideas? The regular text link configuration field doesn't allow the "insert" button to be clicked if the URL starts with "tel:".



    Re: Clickable Link to Phone Number?

    Ever get an answer for this? I am trying to figure out how to make my phone number clickable for clients to call immediately

    Re: Clickable Link to Phone Number?

    Here's how i got around this issue:

    1. Create an action button in a new section. This is just temporary - you will delete it later.

    2. Make the action button link to the desired page.

    3. After saving the new action button section, right click on the action button.

    4. Select "Copy link."

    5. Go back and highlight the text you want to link to the page.

    6. Paste the link you copied into the box that appears. Click the check mark.

    7. Go delete the action button section you created.


    This is cumbersome, but it worked for me. I hope this is helpful to someone.


    Re: Clickable Link to Phone Number?



    Thank you!! This does work!! Although I plan to call customer service tomorrow because I'd like access to the full link menu. I did try adding GoDaddy to my list of trusted sites and nothing changed. Just wanted to say I appreciate your ingenuity! 🙂 



    Re: Website Builder text links

    4/26/18 - and still no answer...