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    Website Builder vNext

    Hello, I just purchased a new website builder and to my surprise I log into the website builder site to discover it was not the website builder I was accustom to. I noticed the name was different when I purchased the new website, but did not expect everything to be totally different. While I like the look, the new format appears to be very limited. Is there a tutorial video to show how to work with the new WB?


    Sections are limited in the flexibility, adding texting is limited, moving and arranging the site to look as you desire, all this is different.


    I am curious, for those who have worked with WB, how are you feeling or liking the new V7? Are you finding it more limited in its functions or do you find it better and offering more options for a more professional looking site?


    I want to add more text, change and add my own personal touch and I am not seeing where I can do this. I love designing the websites using the v6 version and I am struggling with the new v7.


    www.femal2woman2lady.com v7 site

    www.sceoanew.org one of the v6 sites


    Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Website Builder vNext

    Hi @CJAbram, thanks for posting.

    Website Builder v7 is a bit different from v6. It features a drag and drop interface for adding content and elements, so that you can place content anywhere on the pages. You might want to check out the getting started guide here:


    Perhaps another Community member will be able to offer some more insights or suggestions.


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    Re: Website Builder vNext

    vNext cons

    • nowhere near as configurable as previous versions
      • can't add html or css
      • can't remove footer
    • defaults to single page site, beginners may not know how to add another page

    vNext pros

    • most people who use website builder only need single page anyways
      • if you are on this forum then you are probably one of the few who disagrees, but think of it from godaddy's perspective, maybe 0.5% of it's customer base knows what html stands for
    • RESPONSIVE design!  No need to buy Business builder to get auto-mobile site conversion, Personal builder now does mobile by default.  This is probably why they aren't allowing any html or css
    • Chat support can add v7 to your cart if you still want it, just contact them
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    Re: Website Builder vNext

    Inability to remove footer is due to strict templates rushed to market without feature completion.  I'm guessing they'll let you remove the footer once they can get their templates to support it.


    My biggest problem with it is the inability to add more text groups to sections.  I kinda worked around it in a wonky way though:


    You can use multiple About sections to put 1500 chars per section, but the background color alternates between them so it's kinda fugly.  Instead use the section intended for food menus

    • Limit it to 1 category, add a bunch of items, replace category name/description and item name/price with a space character
    • Cons: Item Description doesn't allow for styling/hyperlinking, and the text has less horizontal space
    • Pros: you can add as much text to a single section as you want
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    Re: Website Builder vNext

    @DieDaddy wrote:

    I resent the fact that GoDaddy engages in forced-advertising without consent on my website footer with "Powered by GoDaddy". In website builder v7, I could delete it manually. The reason I am paying is because I don't want anyone else to be advertising on my website. My site should be for my brand, my products and my links (when I decide to promote/allow others to advertise).

    Well that was fast, they added the ability to delete the Powered by GoDaddy text.  You still can't remove the footer completely, but hey at least it just looks like a standard buggy site with an empty black box at the bottom now Smiley Happy  Thanks for being responsive to our concerns.

    Re: Website Builder vNext

    this is bonkers...

    what i see here is an attempt to force those of us who need real control over the sites to have to move to an expensive hosting package... not being able to drop HTML block on the site is a killer

    makes it completely unusable for me.

    but I don't have the time nor the desire to learn WordPress hosting or java or CSS


    moving on to another planet

    Re: Website Builder vNext

    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one here that's not happy with the new update. I've used GoDaddy for over 15 years and their website builders. This new one limits your ability to customize, including fonts and pictures. You can no longer add html, which if you use PayPal you can't add their customized buttons unless you signed up for the 30.00/month online shop. Not happy with this new set up at all. I'm a little concerned that my current website will be converted to this new version and won't have as much control over editing. Sadly, I'm now shopping for a new website builder.