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    Website PHP not working / Database issue possibly

    this is driving me insane!  I uploaded a fully functional php login yet only half of it works.  i have no idea what i'm doing wrong and i cant even test if i connect to my database correctly because the php i need to get to isn't displaying correctly.  the signup tab is not displaying so i cant create a username and password and proceed with this login code.  is this something to do with php version or something else?  i didnt code this, it's from a working tutorial and some of the code works, just not this tab switching or the text from each box.


    tutorial video with code



    my website with uploaded code



    can someone please please help me out, im losing what little marbles i have left over this, and even worse im sure this is an easy fix yet i screwed it up somehow!

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    Product Team

    Hi @machaneko -


    What GoDaddy product did you use to upload your site? This forum is for the GoCentral website builder product, which doesn't support uploading PHP or connecting to databases, so I suspect you are using a different product and may be in the wrong forum. 



    Heidi, GoDaddy product manager