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    Website Search Problem - Looks funny

    So, when I search Google for my website, Flowood Reads...it appears as Flowood REads. How do I access the setting that let's me change that?
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    Advocate VI

    I looked at the source code, and found it in one place. My guess is that's where Google is picking it up from. So if you can figure out where that code is, and change it there, I think that should fix it. See below, in red.


    <div class="wsb-htmlsnippet-element"><iframe id="vp1LYr5q" title="Video Player" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/embed.animoto.com/play.html?w=swf/production/vp1&e=1458666050&f=LYr5qT5oERM..." allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

    </div><div id="wsb-element-6ee7fb9e-af9b-4761-b89b-c44bc016b825" class="wsb-element-image" data-type="element"> <div class="wsb-image-inner "><div class="img_rounded_corners"><a href="http://www.cmrls.lib.ms.us" target="_blank" rel=""><img src="//nebula.wsimg.com/fedb0aae9190b26b7e2f8e159b8312b1?AccessKeyId=7EBD8AE0967B0F042424&amp;disposition..." style="vertical-align:middle;width:362px;height:332px;"></a></div></div> </div><div id="wsb-element-657c2132-fba9-4cec-920d-fadd2e44de7f" class="wsb-element-line" data-type="element"> <div class="wsb-line-element" style="width: 398px; height: 21px; width: 398px;border-top: 1px solid #dadada;opacity: 1;filter: alpha(opacity=1);"></div> </div><div id="wsb-element-61282150-1e61-4cf6-b997-75d24b7eb92d" class="wsb-element-map" data-type="element"> <div><div class="map"><div id="publish-map-61282150-1e61-4cf6-b997-75d24b7eb92d" style="width: 100%; height: 100%" height="100%" scrolling="no"></div><div style="overflow:hidden"><a class="larger-map-link" href="//maps.google.com/maps?v=2&amp;f=q&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;t=m&amp;iwloc=&amp;q=103+Winners+Circle%2c+Flowoo..." target="_blank">View Larger Map</a></div></div></div><script type="text/javascript"> require(['common/geo/mapGenerator'], function (mapGenerator) { var mapDiv = document.getElementById('publish-map-61282150-1e61-4cf6-b997-75d24b7eb92d'); if ('True' === 'True') { mapGenerator.runPublishMode('', ''); } else { mapGenerator.runEditorMode(); } mapGenerator.drawMap(mapDiv, '103 Winners Circle, Flowood, MS, United States', { zoom: 14 }); }); </script> </div><div id="wsb-element-476f5268-7840-4633-aec5-e680a84c2ffe" class="wsb-element-text" data-type="element"> <div class="txt "><h1><span style="font-size:96px;"><span style="font-family:amatic sc;">Flowood REads</span></span><span style="font-family:amatic sc;"></span></h1></div> </div><div id="wsb-element-33945008-4fcb-4fca-8156-60698fbf7cd0" class="wsb-element-image" data-type="element"> <div class="wsb-image-inner "><div class="img"><img src="//nebula.wsimg.com/00aa3aa7ae7e0e74a482becf0f61ab55?AccessKeyId=7EBD8AE0967B0F042424&amp;disposition..." style="vertical-align:middle;width:112px;height:107px;"></div></div> </div><div id="wsb-element-1a90a886-901c-4345-960f-1df83e26e484" class="wsb-element-text" data-type="element"> <div class="txt "><p><strong>For Program Information:</strong></p><p><i>Ashley Biggs - Branch Manager</i> 


    OK- that looked like the video...so I fixed the video and re-embdeded.


    It still looks funny via a google search ... "Flowood REads." 



    If you change something on your site, Google probably won't see it right away. Long story short, they don't scan your site every single day for changes. They make local copies of pages, and scan THOSE to give search results. Then at some point they re-scan to see your new/changed files. In the worst case, it may be a few weeks before they scan your site again and pick up the change.


    However, you can nudge them along by logging into Google Webmaster tools and asking them to re-scan your site sooner. They don't guarantee that they will do it, but when I submit this way, they always seem to pick it up within a day or two.


    Here's a page in the Google Help stuff that explains it: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/6065812?hl=en