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    Website Update Not Showing

    So, I updated my website, but whan I go to publish, it shows the old site until I hit the home page.  What's up with that?


    Help is appreciated.


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    Re: Website Update Not Showing


    What are you using to implement the site? It may be a caching issue. 

    If you are uploading HTML files via FTP, you may need to go to the page in your browser and refresh it. It could be that your browser still has a copy in local memory and has not fetched the updated file from the server.


    If you're using Managed WordPress, you may need to flush cache (using the dropdown menu setting at the top under GoDaddy).



    Re: Website Update Not Showing

    The cache is not the issue, neither is the browser.  I think its a Godaddy issue. 

    Re: Website Update Not Showing

    I encountered this same problem when I updated content. However, I did find that clicking the "Publish Site" button after I changed content solved the problem.

    Re: Website Update Not Showing

    This was a Firewall caching issue due to having signed up for Godaddy's Website Security Deluxe (under My Products --> Website Security and Backups --> Website Security Deluxe --> Manage) which should take you to: https://wafx.sucuri.net/

    Top Left look for "Firewall".  Click on Firewall and then look below in white box you'll see 4 green text links, 3rd one down is "Clear Cache".  Click "Clear Cache" and then go back to your browser and refresh. You may need to wait a minute or two before refreshing.  You should now see your updates.