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    Website is inaccessible

    My site use to work flawlessly before the "upgrade" and now nothing works.


    browsing to http://www.bradatech.com/sitemap.xml  (a simple page) results in 404.


    what the hell?  why did you guys have to mess with a working site in the first place!!!



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    Advocate VI

    Need more information. 

    What upgrade?


    What system is your site built on? Wordpress? cPanel? Sitebuilder?


    GoDaddy performed server upgrades two weeks ago.  I received an email notification about it and sure enough, my site no longer worked.  It is using windows hosting but a PHP application (Zencart in one directory and Joomla in another).


    Had to completely strip out my web.config


    As a test, I uploaded sitemap.xml in the web root and appears that my domain no longer resolves to the webroot as before.  Appears that the DNS is incorrect.  Typical GoDaddy to break stuff though so shopping around for another hosting provider.  Enough of this BS.

    Helper V


    Hello there,

    I got a this error when going to your base url.....


    The page you tried to access does not exist on this server. This page may not exist due to the following reasons:

    You are the owner of this web site and you have not uploaded (or incorrectly uploaded) your web site. For information on uploading your web site using FTP client software or web design software, click here for FTP Upload Information.

    The URL that you have entered in your browser is incorrect. Please re-enter the URL and try again.

    The Link that you clicked on incorrectly points to this page. Please contact the owner of this web site to inform them of this situation.

    This phrase is used by the loadbalancer as a health monitor:

    Hello! I must be WORKING....


    Mrsroadrunner Photography

    I am having the same problem here, can anyone help please?


    page not found, I have no idea why



    my website www.zigirc.com currently has the same issue. The page you tried to access does not exist on this server.

    Can not do anythings to solve this problem, just waiting for godaddy, 


    You have to upload it on FTP! For example download a wordpress from wordpress.org and upload it with FTP. And then you can edit things on it. LOL

    There is no hell! But your site is awesome! Congrats