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    Website not loading

    My website has been down since early this morning. It was working fine yesterday, and I didn't change anything.


    When I try to visit it, it says "Connecting..." for a couple of minutes and then gives up and stays on whatever tab it was on previously (Tried Firefox on PC and Chrome on Android.) I cannot connect via FTP, either.


    I tried going to the hosting control panel to check on my files, but when I click on "Upload Files," GoDaddy displays this error:


    Proxy Error

    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
    The proxy server could not handle the request GET /scc/.

    Reason: Error reading from remote server


    I'm using Economy Classic Hosting Linux which doesn't expire until October. I would really like to chat with support, but it says "Chat Offline" and has been like that every time I checked today. 😞

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    Getting Started

    I've been having this same issue myself since late last night (presently 6:00 PM EST) with my Economy Classic Hosting Linux site.


    Oddly enough, my site will work on my tablet's Chrome browser… so long as I'm not browsing incognito. Otherwise it doesn't load on my PC or my Nintendo 2DS, regardless of which browser I use; likewise I'm unable to access the site via FTP.


    (Last time I had an issue that I had to call in the employee on the line was surprised that my site was still up and running 'cause apparently "Economy Classic Hosting Linux" is old-as-dirt, now.)

    Same problem. Site isn't loading. Haven't made any changes in more than a week. 


    Just down in the left corner. Waiting for calwriters.org  ... and waiting and waiting. 

    So I'm having the same issue. Is there a solution other than picking up the phone?

    Getting Started

    My website has been down almost 24 hours. I called earlier and was told there was a "connectivity problem" that was affecting many users. Do you have any kind of an ETA?? I realize these issues can be complicated, but I'm paying for my website to be available, not down. Thanks.

    My site is also down, and I see Go Daddy no longer offers anything except phone support. Just what I need, to sit on the phone all night for the runaround they used to give me by email. I've had it.

    Our site is down as well though according to GoDaddy hosting status we're "up and running with no issues." Not true. Though email is still working. 

    One of my sites has been down for at least 18 hours and probably longer. I spoke with GoDaddy Support approximately 12 hours ago, and provided information from a "traceroute" that I ran showing that I was able to connect though to a GoDaddy system somewhere (possibly near Phoenix, AZ), but that routing process timed out before reaching the actual server hosting my domain.


    It appears that the problem affects one or more of the many GoDaddy hosting data centers (not all hosted sites are involved) and is related to the particular routing path used to access the server. My site can be accessed from a phone browser using an LTE network connection, but not from my local network. I have had reports that my site is also inaccessible from other areas of my state with completely different ISPs, so the issue may be regional in nature.


    Obviously having our websites down for long periods is stressful and problematic, and it would be very much appreciated if some status update could be provided to the numerous customers affected by this problem.

    I think that's what is pissing me off the most - no response, no updates, no indication of any kind that this is being addressed in any way. I understand things like this can take time to resolve, but as a service technician at a local hospital, I also know how important it is to COMMUNICATE with the customer. Customers want to know that someone is paying attention, and working to resolve the issue. That is one of the foundations of good customer service. GoDaddy has fallen flat on their face in that regard, and that's not what I'm used to from GoDaddy. Get your act together, GoDaddy, or I'm taking my business elsewhere.

    Being that I've got a localhost Apache server running on my computer (which is how I test my site's PHP/MySQL before going live), I could, theoretically, just host my website myself.


    …the only reason that I haven't done that is because my only reliable computer is an "old" laptop still running Vista. Likewise, there's no guarantee that my present living conditions will be permanent (by Moradin's beard, I hope not!), so hosting the site using my own resources just isn't feasible at this time.


    Hence, why I rely on GoDaddy…

    It looks like rely is too strong a word. Site still down, no word from GoDaddy aside from my conversation (after a long wait) with the tech support person, who was competent but couldn't do anything to help. Unless they give us six free months or something along with an apology, I guess I'll move my hosting elsewhere.

    Perhaps, but I've always been a sucker for holding out for hope. Smiley Tongue


    Fortunately the "phpMyAdmin" site appeared to still be working, so I've made another backup of my databases just in case. I know the message board I made from scratch is $%&#, but I'd still rather not lose years worth of data; I also happen to be a sucker for Murphy's Law.

    My website has also been down since sometime late Friday.  (It is now Sunday morning.)  The lack of communication from GoDaddy on this issue has been very disappointing.  Keeping my fingers crossed that GoDaddy is aware of the issue, is working to resolve it, and will get it resolved soon.  If the website is still down on Monday morning, that will speak very poorly of their web hosting.

    I am currently on the phone with tech support (in between irritating music). He had me send a traceroute, and now they're fumbling around while I'm on hold.


    I'm looking at other providers. This is totally unacceptable.

    Getting Started

    Are you other folks on C-Panel or classic hosting? I'm on classic, but the rep I'm talking to says the issues they are seeing are on C-Panel.

    UPDATE: site is back online and running.



    I have C-Panel Deluxe Linux hosting

    Getting Started

    They're creating a ticket. That should help.....


    I think it's time to find another provider. This is unacceptable.


    The rep did say they found a problem on their end (well, duh.... I can bring up ANY website on the internet except mine). Supposedly someone is "actively" working on it right now (I guess it beats "inactively"). I hope they get it resolved soon - like today. Otherwise - and it will be a giant pain in the butt - I'm going to have to find another provider. This is your last chance, GoDaddy.

    Getting Started

    As of 5:00 PM Sunday, my website is still down. I have been on the phone with GoDaddy's so-called support who took nearly an hour to determine the problem is on their end . All I get from them email-wise are the usual automated responses. I just faxed a letter to their corporate headquarters in Phoenix AZ. Unless they get off their dead asses, and get something accomplished by the time I get home from work Monday, I will take it to the next level and begin involving other customer assistance agencies.

    I have my website down as well 😞

    Same here, my website is not accessible from Europe. I'm very unhappy, because I bought lately Deluxe hosting for 3 years. Let's hope they restore it ASAP.

    Same problem here except I have several sites which none are online. I know it’s vacation time, but this is pathetically unprofessional. With no updates or notices, I wonder if anyone is in the office. I guess it’s time to switch companies.


    Any suggestions on reliable services?