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    Website not visible after migration



    Some time ago one of my hosting packages expired while my domain was still active, I then, bought another package since I was downgrading the hosting and cancelled the previous account.


    Ok, when I was going to set up my hosting it asked me to the domain, it actually auto populated the name in the dropdown list, and that's it.


    Today I was doing the actual migration of all the previous site, to the new one, but there is something really weird, I was able to upload all the files using the IP address present in cpanel, but the site is still showing the message "future home of ..." when trying to access it using the IP, if I try the name it fails, actually I just updated the DNS since it said it was pointing to "Parked", so I added the right IP.


    The site was actually going to Parked before, now after the DNS change it just fails, but it shows the "future home thing" when trying to access through IP.


    Any idea?





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    Hey @aguerom,


    Try clearing your local cache settings as suggested above. I'd also double check that you're using a valid index filename to override the default home page we provide you in the root directory of the hosting plan. 


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