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    Which Hosting plan to choose?

    I have a domain from GoDaddy, and I now wish to add a GoDaddy hosting service. Going into my account I see the following two options: https://1drv.ms/i/s!Ak3JNbpKVyTahuZkKOSY8y0Wbv-NaQ

    If you can't see the photo, one says

    Economy Web Hosting Linux

    and the other says

    Free with Domain

    After having an online chat with a GoDaddy support person, I came away with the idea that they are both exactly the same product but choosing by clicking on one costs more than choosing the same product by clicking on the other option. Is this true? What is the actual difference between them?


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    Helper III



    Essentially the main difference between the two is that the one called "NEW ACCOUNT -Economy Web Hosting Linux" is better hosting service (more memory, more bandwidth etc.) where as the "WEB HOSTING WITH CPANEL (FREE TRIAL WITH DOMAIN) Free with Domain" is a free 12-month trial of a more basic hosting service that when the trial ends you will have to pay to upgrade to the Economy Web Hosting Package.


    To read more about the free web hosting please read this article below:



    To read more about the Ecomony hosting please read this article below:



    I hope this helps,
    Feel free to ask any other questions 🙂

    Harry Brand - Here to help out the community

    Thank you.  But I keep reading that *all* linux shared hosting now comes with cpanel, but when I activated my economy linux hosting, there was no sign of cpanel anywhere.  Nor is there on my husband's Deluxe linux hosting he's had for years.



    Please read this guide on how to access your cPanel,



    Hopefully that helps 😉

    Harry Brand - Here to help out the community

    I'm afraid none of that works for me or my husband, just get page not found errors 😞


    Actually I have just had a thought.  The last time I used cpanel must be over 10 years ago.  Maybe I AM seeing cpanel but it's just changed beyond recognition so I didn't think it was cpanel!  😄  Well anyway I was just curious, I am not really lacking anything I need to get  on with the task.  Thanks 🙂



    I have a few blogs I've build with Wordpress where I describe my service and also a Ruby on Rails application with a Postgresql database for back-end, where I store lots of sports market data. Basically 5 Wordpress websites and 1 custom application.


    Does anyone know, is there a way I can host the blogs with a Wordpress hosting plan, managed or not?

    Should I buy a VPS or something or is there a feature to host Ruby apps the way Heroku works (in the cloud)?

    My sites are:





    ... and one more I can't remember right now, but they all have similar themes and the same version of Wordpress.

    One other feature I'd need would be cron job, I suppose this is something very simple?




    All I'm trying to do is get my website on Google.