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    White Screen of Death When Editing Blog

    When editing my website, everything runs smoothly until I click on the blog section.  As soon as I click on Blog a white screen immediately pops up and then I am unable to edit anything.  I am currently running the GoCentral Personal set-up. 


    Please comment any suggestions or solutions. 


    Thank You, 


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    Helper II
    Helper II

    Re: White Screen of Death When Editing Blog

    Hello @chanbrah,


    Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


    Might there is something within your editing, we need more details on your issue. If it is possible please provide a video or GIF when the issue appears on your end. You can use this tool to capture the event.

    Link: www.screentogif.com/


    To debug this you can give me permission to access your GoDaddy Products and help you with the issue.




    Re: White Screen of Death When Editing Blog

    I'm having this same issue, help!  I'm on the blog editing page, I click the part I want to edit and the whole screen turns white and I can't edit the page, if I refresh the page it goes back to normal, but if I click the blog part I want to edit the screen turns white and i haven't been able to edit my blog in 4 days

    I can only edit my header without the screen going white

    Former Employee

    Re: White Screen of Death When Editing Blog

    Hi @cinnamonsugar & @chanbrah,


    This issue was related to a new item we pushed out - it broke something. We rolled it back as soon as possible and everything should be good since then. 


    My apologies for the trouble.



    Sr. Product Manager

    GoCentral Blog