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    Whole website forum disappeared - zIFboard ad in its place!

    Everything seems to be fine looking through GoDaddy - I updated a credit card just incase that is the problem - though payment not due.

    My site is http://www.nz-surrogacy.com/ 

    When I enter the site I have this comes up http://www.zifboards.com/

    I have no idea what is wrong and how to fix it!  Just hoping there is an upgrade or something going on!

    Please help!



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    Helper III

    I've investigated the issue you are having, and I don't think anyone here can actually fix the issue.


    It seems that your site only redirects you to zifboards.com when you attempt to access the forum.  Looking closer, it seems that your forum is hosted on invisionfree.com.  After browsing their support site, it seems like they might be making changes on their end.  You will probably need to open an issue with them in order to get this resolved.  It does not seem like an issue with your GoDaddy services.


    For more information on contacting their support, you can go to this page here:  http://docs.zetaboards.com/services/ticket.


    Hopefully they can get your forums working again.  Good luck!



    The forum has also disappeared from my website, though I don't get redirected, just a blank page. Without the forum my website is practically useless and unless I get it back I'll expect my money back.