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    Why are my Google Ads missing for the past Week?

    I had my Business Website up and running for about 5 months with Adsense and now it is completely missing the Ads. I have the Snip-it Code in the Adsense field as instructed and the same amount of Content as when I started. My Adsense account states my site is Ready and its not Suspended. Plus the site is Based in the U.S and ad blockers are off. I've tested this with several computers and high end phones, no luck. The only difference now is on my Adsense Account it states "your site does not have an ads.txt file. Fix this now to avoid severe impact to your revenue". 


    I would say that statement is correct because now I'm at 00.00 dollars for the past week. I really would like to get this resolved ASAP. Thank you for you time and help. 

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    Re: Why are my Google Ads missing for the past Week?

    As far as I am aware an ads.txt file is still not mandatory to display ads.  Though Google is strongly recommending it, this is a newer standard that many sites have yet to adopt.


    Google is constantly tweaking their algorithms which rate the quality of content and matches advertisers with ad inventory.  It seems many are seeing similar issue after a recent update...


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    Re: Why are my Google Ads missing for the past Week?

    Hi @Darkerknight007. Thanks for posting. We recently discovered an issue with the way the AdSense code was being implemented. I'm not sure when the issue started occurring, but it had to do with the way the AdSense script connected with Google. That issue has been addressed and I'd suggest republishing your site to make sure you're not affected by it. 


    Additionally, I wanted to let you know that our product team is aware of the request to be able to add an ads.txt file and are looking at how to best address it. I will update this thread when I have more concrete information. 


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