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    Why is this so hard?

     I dread working on  my website.   I try following directions that  I don't understand,  I  have published my website.   But still don't know how to move photo's.   I hate  this  just thinking about  working on it makes me cry.   I wish I could afford an ad that said "   Wanted someone to do this website for me.  "    Does anyone else feel this way?Smiley Sad

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    Re: Why is this so hard?

    I suspect it is so difficult in order for you to have them work on it...and charge accordingly.

    Re: Why is this so hard?

    Yes, I understand.  I've been working on mine for days and I have had a terrible, non-stop headache.  But I have pushed through it, and it has gotten better and better.  Call godaddy support--they really help a lot and it doesn't cost any extra.  If you hire someone, you have to give them all the photos and content, so it's not like you wouldn't have to do work also.  Hang in there.  I promise it will get better.  


    Re: Why is this so hard?

    I will be happy to help. HTML, CSS, responsive code, javascript etc. are highly technical fields of training and you can't just learn it overnight. I was sold on this type of do-it-yourself web building years ago, and now that I build sites and design for a living, I can't believe they try to have you do it on your own using a template. Email me at chrisbliss411 @ gmail - I will be happy to help you.

    Helper II

    Re: Why is this so hard?

    If you're looking to do something basic, than it doesn't make much sense to go to the advanced section, now does it?  I'll bet you're probably jumping all over the GoD website.  Forget that.  Start from page one.  Buy a domain.  Choose either GoD website builder or WordPress, and start your trial.  And be patient with yourself.  Actually READ the instructions.


    Or call customer service?