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    Working with 2 templates - One Live, One in Dev



    I have a live site and everything is working nicely.


    Based on user's feedback, I want to make some UX/UI changes and work on "mysitev2.0". I actually like one of the other template that is available.


    Can I create a DEV version of "mysitev2.0", work on it, even select a template for it different from the template that I'm currently using? I want no changes to my current LIVE site, then have some non-published pages with a different template, so I can work some ideas.


    Is that possible?

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    Re: Working with 2 templates - One Live, One in Dev

    Hi @1401woodbury,


    Welcome to the Community!

    First make sure you re-publish your current version to make sure everything is up to date. When you do that, you'll have an existing version to restore, if you should need to. Then you can experiment with other themes to see if it suits you better. If you don't PUBLISH the changes, they will not be seen online. If you want to save them to make them active later, publish, just to have a record of the new changes. Then RESTORE back to the another version. This would leave you the new (experimental site) on a saved version, if you wish to move forward with it. You can even click on the three dots next to a version (in Settings/Site History) and "rename" it to better keep track of which one you want to go back to. 




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