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    Youtube and Facebook links not working

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    Re: Youtube and Facebook links not working

    Apologies about that! Posted a title with no content! Good start.....


    Built a website using the web builder and I'm fairly happy with it. I have added a section that contains the usual social media buttons for customers to click on. I'm sure you're all aware how its done - just add the address in the side bar and it links to the button. Anyhow, Twitter and Instagram work fine, but my Facebook and Youtube does not.


    Basically I go to my youtube page, copy the address bar and paste it into the web builder box that should contain it. Same process for Facebook. But these 2 do not work when the button is pressed..... sit or page not found.


    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


    Re: Youtube and Facebook links not working

    Hi @Plasti-SprayUK,


    Welcome to the Community!

    We have two separate sets of instructions to help you make these connections.


    Connect or add my site to Facebook Business page

    Add Link to Video





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    Re: Youtube and Facebook links not working

    Not sure if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick or didn’t explain myself properly, but from the link in your answer it seems the other way round to the problem I’m having.

    Ive got no problem adding my website to a FB page, I’ve got an issue adding my Facebook page to my website. Same with YouTube.

    On the web builder I copy the FB page address into the web builder section, but when I either preview or publish, the FB icon button does not work. Just states page not found. Same with YT.