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    Zoom help needed

    I notice when I build my website while my browser is set to 100% zoom, the page seems empty when I zoom out.  How do I make it so the page is nice and full regardless of what zoom the user has their browser set to?  I don't want my customers to think my page looks empty if they are using a zoom lower then 100%.

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    Helper IV

    Hi @danreints. One way that designers deal with different sizes of screens is to use responsive design.


    In general, responsive design realigns itself to the size of the screen by using columns in the design that can reposition themselves as screens get smaller. For example, if you have two columns of content, instead of trying to display those columns side by side on a mobile phone, it will put one column below the other so they are wider than they would be side by side.


    Responsive design also allows images to scale proportionately on different screen sizes. All of these things are accomplished using css.


    Read up on responsive design to learn more tips and tricks. 






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