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    bought hosting package and domain name - how to build a site


    I have to build 3 simple websites for various friends. I have bought the delux hosting package to host them and the domain names I need through GoDaddy. I am happy using wordpress or any other website builder but I don't want to spend any more money and everywhere seems to want to charge me (even though they say build a free site).  How do I now build the site with the GoDaddy hosting and the domains I have already purchased without spending any more?


    Sorry if this is a simple question - I am new to this side of things!

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    Re: bought hosting package and domain name - how to build a site

    This is a great question, I fell into the same trap with godaddy, they are incredibly misleading in their marketing to the point of dishonesty. Contact page leads straight to a bunch of phone number and no email contact, then go to support click that it goes to the page with the numbers again. Seven weeks ago I set in motion transferring my domain name to wiz, go daddy said their rules mean I wait till May 28th ( 30 days) before I can take my domain name elsewhere. it now the middle of June, no domain transfer and running around in circles trying to contact godaddy, this is a service? Building the website, the word free becomes a bit more, free website builder becomes, free 30-day trial, I checked it out it's possibly the worst website builder I have seen. Not user-friendly, to use needed features you are asked to upgrade and pay more. The features start off with an ability to put written content online and some images etc, set SEO-right away you have to upgrade and pay more and the scams just go on and on. I get a lot of emails from them, each mail is leading towards buying something from them but you can't write back and say....heyyy what happened to transfer my domain name? By the way, if you transfer your domain name you have to jump through all sorts of hoops. Good luck.

    Re: bought hosting package and domain name - how to build a site

    Sorry earlier I said 30 days before being able to transfer my domain to wiz, it turns out their rule ( how convenient for godaddy) is wait sixty days after first purchasing a domain. There is no logic in this, it is pure obstructive behavior. I have the domain trueworldreviews for reviewing stuff online, no prizes for guessing who and what will be my first review.....of course, it is godaddy from England.

    My sincere advice, if you want to build a great website, transfer your domains and use a reputable website builder minus the scams.