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    can i use 2 domains for single website?

    I am hosting a website with a domain at godaddy. Now I got another domain which I want to associate with the same website. is it possible? 


    Can I route to different domains depending on country?

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    Helper VI

    @amitmalpure let me get this clear. You have thisdomain.com for your website, and now you got anotherdomain.com.

    Now you want to be able to visit your site either by accessing thisdomain.com OR anotherdomain.com, either way, they show you the same website, right?


    Personally, I would just perform a redirect. I would make anotherdomain.com to redirect to thisdomain.com, so you keep your SEO and branding, unless you want your site to be known as anotherdomain.com instead of thisdomain.com. If you manage to set up both domains to the same site, you could be penalized by "google & friends" because of duplicate content (both domains would seem like different websites, with exact same content).


    For the country filtering, I would use, instead, a subdomain. Like us.thisdomain.com for US, uk.thisdomain.com for UK, and so on.


    Hope it helps!

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    Thanks @jpablo.


    Please consider following points :

    1. I have abc.com and abc.com.au

    2. I what to keep .com/com.au respective to the geographies. 

    3. Some content should change depending on domain. e.g. currency should be specific to geography.


    Am I making it very complicated?