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    contact form using html


    on website builder i have created a contact form using html. (css for styling).

    i'm stuck on the send mail code , not sure what to do.

    here is part of the code, i think i'm missing more stuff.

    <input type="button" class="button" value="SUBMIT"

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    Community Manager

    Hi @najiam. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! 

    Typically you would specify the URL of a mail script in the action of your form. I did find this Stack Overflow post regarding sending via an email client, though. Hope it helps. 


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    I only need a php script to take my HTML form and send it through godaddy mail, without using the client mail side.


    Hi @najiam,


    Though this costs a few bucks the coffeecup software has been one of my staples for years.  It makes much of the php scripting and setup almost bulletproof.  For me, it has worked well on GoDaddy servers.




    Hope this helps,


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    Depending on how you code the php script will determine how form is sent. Judging by your snippet, you're pretty far off, considering a mailto will open clientside, where php will be a serverside action.