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    contact sign up list ?


    I've had several people tell me they have signed up on my website but I have not received any notifications nor do I understand where to find this list. Can someone advise me?  mcalpinefarms.com

    Thank you!

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    Re: contact sign up list ?



    You can see you list of subscribers in your GoCentral main Dashboard.  Click on the Dashboard button top/left when you are working on your site.  That will take you to the main dashboard.


    Then click on Subscribers in the top menu.


    HTH! 😉


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    Re: contact sign up list ?

    I have called and called it’s a glitch that no one seems to fix
    Come on it’s your program not mine!

    Re: contact sign up list ?

    Hi @VoteHoyt - are you not able to view your Subscribers list via the Dashboard? Can you provide more description on what's going wrong? Like - you click on Subscribers and the list is empty but you've done test subscriptions? Or what? I'm not sure how to help from your description. 



    Heidi, GoDaddy product manager


    Re: contact sign up list ?

    I have the same problem. I go to the Dashboard and the only options I see are Dashboard and Email Marketing on the top right and Stats on the top left of my screen. 


    The other options in body of the page are: Keep it Fresh (Edit Site) and Share News And Updates (Create Newsletter).


    No where do is see the option for SUBSCRIBERS.

    I need to be able to access this list so i can send them updates from my personal email account. Thanks in advance for your support with accessing the email address of those who have signed up on my via the subscribe button. 

    Former Employee

    Re: contact sign up list ?

    Hi @JKOZ,

    Since the Subscribers are related to Email Marketing we recently moved that Menu item underneath Email Marketing.  


    So the instructions to view your Subscribers would be to go to your Dashboard link, click Email Marketing and choose Subscribers.


    Sorry for the confusion.



    PM, Email Marketing