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    deceptive website warning on our website

    We are getting a Deceptive website warning message anytime anyone tries to log onto our website.Has anyone experienced anything like this?

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    Resolver II
    Resolver II

    Re: deceptive website warning on our website

    Hey Kevinba,


    This usually happens when your website is hacked. The attacker uses your server to host malicious pages in order to get peoples personal information or try to get them to download malicious software. The attacker would send out spam e-mail's to bring people to the malicious page they have on your server. Your website then gets reported to google and you get blacklisted.


    If your hosting with GoDaddy I highly recommend you check out these products:




    This will get you removed from the blacklist with google also.


    I'd advise changing your passwords too, to be on the safe side.