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    how do you embed a soundcloud link?

    hey guys, setting up a website as a collection and hub for everything i've done, and i've got a soundcloud link i want to embed next to a bunch of embeded videos. I've got the embed code from soundcloud, where do i paste it?



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    Re: how do you embed a soundcloud link?

    Hey @Neuroticmancer,


    The first thing I would not is not every Soundcloud offering can be embedded. I'll just assume that you can embed the one you are looking at?


    Soundcloud has a default embed in WordPress and iframe as the option. Check out Embedding a track or playlist on WordPress and Use SoundCloud to share sound all over the web I hope that helps?

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    Re: how do you embed a soundcloud link?

    After clicking on the "Share" I then click "Embed" and this worked a couple of times previous to last week, but when trying this both last week and today, I receive a blank screen other than the Embed word when I click on that.  Wondering if I'm missing something in this process of adding an audio track to our account.

    Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

    Re: how do you embed a soundcloud link?

    Actually, the screen will then just show the three words...Share  Embed  Message.   Help?


    Re: how do you embed a soundcloud link?

    if  you are using Wordpress website then use  SoundCloud Is Gold  plugin