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    how to enable comments on blog posts on builder?


    I'm only 3 days into using the builder for my site and blog.

    Is there a way to allow my customers to leave comments on my blog posts?

    Thanks for you help!



    We just completed the rollout, so you should all start seeing the option to turn on commenting on your blogs through Disqus!

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    By default, Disqus requires commenters to log in to help prevent spam. However, if you go into the Disqus moderation panel you can change that by going to Settings > Community and checking the box to allow guest commenting.


    Except for advanced features like the one described above, you shouldn't need to go into the Disqus moderation panel for anything. We've taken the time to do a deeper integration with Disqus that allows you to handle everything within your website builder or from your own blog posts where you can moderate inline. We've also negotiated a contract with Disqus to allow everyone using the feature to have ad-free comments, normally an experience only available at paid levels.


    Disqus does commenting well, so in this case, it made the most sense to work with the experts to meet the needs of our GoCentral site owners. 

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    When will this be ready???

    I guess I am the lucky one, since I am still in my trial period, but I am wondering why I am wasting my time making a nice site that is missing one of the biggest features of a blog? I read a few days back that this would come out by the end of this year, will it? Please let us know. Basic customer support to give a real timeline and now reading further and seeing that it keeps getting pushed back worries me. First summer, then fall, now when? Please let us know. 

    Frankly, I've given up on my blog project. I need to move my blog first of the year, and start fresh. SHAME, GoDaddy!



    Commenting on the blog is our top priority right now. As soon as I have more information, I'll come back here and update all of you. 

    @syyoung Four weeks ago you said "We hope to have a more solid ETA soon." nothing since then until today saying "Commenting on the blog is our top priority right now. As soon as I have more information, I'll come back here and update all of you." You haven't provided anything of substance in well over a month... Is this going to be completed in a few days? A few weeks? Years? Ever? Please give us some more information rather than just repeating the same thing differently over and over again.

    To everyone who is following this thread:

    Our very reasonable requests seem to be falling on deaf ears. There is no reason whatsoever that this simple REQUIREMENT for a blog should not have been instated by now. In fact, the packages we bought should never have been sold without this feature.


    I contacted the complaints department to request to speak with the person responsible for implementing these changes and was told they "couldn't give out that information." (No surprise). I then requested that this person contact ME (leaving both my email and phone number). Again, no response except this now-familiar "we're working on it soon" post.


    I have taken to posting on Twitter, and am now contacting Pat Foran (On Your Side).


    Encouraging everyone else to ask this very direct question on Twitter and other social media outlets until we get this very basic change accomplished. This is ridiculous. 





    Hello everyone,


    Thanks for the candid feedback and active participation in the forum. This is a feature that we are actively working on and are planning to launch in Q1 of 2019. We understand this is a highly requested feature and appreciate your ongoing patience.




    Scott Lewis | Director of Product


    Scott, the more definitive release date is appreciated but this will not be very satisfying to your customers. This was originally promised in "fall 2018", now it is "Q1 2019". To me, that means March 31, 2019, at best given GoDaddy's performance to date. From my perspective, this functionality will be delivered more than 6 months past its promised date. It's honestly not a very satisfying response and suggests that the GoDaddy product development process is not well under control. I think you guys should expect continued dissatisfaction from your website builder customers and continued deterioration of your Net Promoter Score. I was expecting you guys to do better. 

    I agree completely.

    March 2019 is far too late for this simple feature.

    Scott, WHY is this taking so long? And why did GoDaddy not anticipate that people would want their readers to be able to COMMENT on their blogs? It's such a basic, fundamental characteristic of a blog that nobody would even think to ask if it was included. It is, in fact, the PURPOSE of a blog.


    I need this feature far sooner than that projected date. What are you offering in the meantime to customers? A refund? A free upgrade to a package that DOES include this feature? It's really too bad because the website is easy to build and use and I would have given it a great rating but for this issue. As it is, I'm an author with a huge platform and I'm now having to tell my readers, friends and colleagues NOT to go with this. 





    Like the others, your response is not satisfactory to me. This functionality was promised for earl y 2018. GoDaddy did not deliver. Is GoDaddy using a WordPress platform for the site builder? If so, why are the blog comments not available? This is a normal WP feature? 


    I need a functional blog. So, GoDaddy must give a definitive response. I cannot wait until 1Q 2019 which may mean March - maybe!. Otherwise, I'll have to count my paid fees to GoDaddy as a loss and move to another host. 



    Thanks for the update, will you also adding a like/helpful functionality so if someone doesn’t want to make a comment they can still say they liked / found the the post helpful?

    this thread was started Feb 2018 and it is now March 2019... what is the holdup?

    My year subscription ends in about 10 days. I was willing to stay, but will probably go to Hostgator.

    They have a pretty cool site builder and from my understanding their blog posts allow you to have comments. It doesn't make sense that this issue has been around for this long and they're not up to speed. Disappointing.

    We are officially leaving this month and moving over to Squarespace. Their customer service is awesome and more importantly they have a comments feature on blog posts!! 

    It has been one disappointment after another with GoDaddy and their customer service is diabolical with staff who don’t communicate with one another. Constant promises that have never materialised. There’s only one option and it’s good bye. 

    I was warned by people more knowledgeable than me that Go Daddy would not work for me. My requirements are pretty basic. A writer's blog isn't all that challenging.


    It never occurred never thought they wouldn't offer a comments section. 


    Serious waste of my time and money. 

    Hi everyone. First of all, I want to acknowledge that comments have been a long time coming and that's been frustrating for a lot of you. I apologize for the delay.


    In the meantime, we've been working to solidify a partnership with a well established commenting platform. Several of you on this thread have mentioned Disqus as a possibility and they are our new commenting partner. We are currently working on the integration with their system. 


    Now that we have all of those details sorted and the work laid out and in progress, the projected launch is mid April. I will keep you all posted here if there are any changes and with release announcements.

    Oh, thank you very much for responding (finally) and offering another term (another one). But it's too late. However, thanks to their delays with the comments section I moved my site to Wordpress and I am more than happy. Wordpress has many options. Goddady is too basic. I lost money with you, but I gained experience and found a better place for myself and my clients. Thanks, Goddady!

    Too little too late as per usual. The amount of customers you have lost is crazy. I’ve cancelled today and moved and already noticing a difference in quality of website, comments on my blog and award winning customer service.
    I would advise everyone else to do the same, it’s stunted the growth of our business and it’ll do the same to yours.
    Best of luck to you all and goodbye

    Since I signed up fbefore I realized there was no ability to have comments, I suppose ... being stuck w/GoDaddy for the next 11 months, waiting one more won't break me.  It will give me more time to put together great content in advance vs worrying about what I will want to babble about on a regular basis (sometimes I run into that issue on my Wordpress Blog for totally different content).  Thankfully, for the blog I have on GoDaddy, it's not primary source of income or I'd be with everyone else. 


    Thank you for the update.  It is appreciated. 

    I was a little boy when this thread started.. I am now a grandfather and GoDaddy still doesn’t have comments enabled.

    any date for comments section GoDaddy????