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    iFrame on iOS - Website Builder



    i am developing a web application using Godaddy website builder which uses an iframe and it does not appear well on iOS.


    i read online that you can use -webkit-overflow-scrolling to resolve this issue


    anyone knows if it's possible to use -webkit-overflow-scrolling through the Godaddy website builder to resolve the iframe on ios issue? if you have successfully done this, can share how to achieve this?


    Thanks in advance

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    Community Manager

    Welcome to GoDaddy Community, @limbl!


    Interesting question. This seems to be related to CSS. You can usually add CSS coding to your site by placing it within <style> tags in your Site-wide Code <head> section. This can be found in the Site Settings within the site editor. I've not personally done anything with this, but I have seen other CSS changes work. Perhaps others have more experience and can comment.


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