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    iPad Compatibility: Display issues

    My website looks okay on the I phone but is all over the place on the I pad. What do I need to do to correct that problem

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    Hey @landbase


    If you don't mind, could you provide your domain so we can see if we can verify the same issues?  And how are you building your website? (WordPress, Joomla, GoDaddy's Website Builder?) 



    I have built my site using Go Daddy Web builder, my domain is skippersticketmandurahboated.com

    Is there an easy solution to the problem

    I am having a similar issue, right side of the page is cut off on tablet/phone.  Any advice would be great!

    Community Manager

    Hi @landbase & @rwilson. Welcome, both of you, to GoDaddy Community!


    Website Builder usually works just fine on the majority of tablet and mobile displays. However, I've seen some sites have difficulties if they are built with design elements outside page boundaries that are provided by the theme that is chosen. (Usually, you can go by the width of the page's header image to know where the boundaries are.) That often causes problems with the way the mobile version of the site is rendered. I'd suggest checking there first. If that's not what's causing your issue, then I'd suggest posting a link to your website so the community can take a look at the issue first hand.


    JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at x.co/247support | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

    I have the same problem my web builder site scroll on the I-pad is very terrible. My website is www.djpartymusic.com can some one at godaddy check this out and eat me know what to do correct. thanks Tom 

    I too am having this problem. Mine has the issue of the main text on my lead in page not displaying correctly and being entirely differnt font on the Ipad then on every other platform. This creates an issue, because my artist name is overlayed onto itself and other text, all jumbled together, making it all unreadable. It was doing the same thing on Android as well, but after two calls in, the back shop techs at Godaddy fixed Android. This is very much a Godaddy programming issue, as it does not matter what web platform you use, safari, chrome, ect., it still does this ONLY on Ipad... 

    I just started having this problem too. Only on my iPad. I can view the site fully on my iPhone and computer. I think one of the sections added is causing the issue. I deleted the safari history and rebooted the iPad, but so far, no change. I haven’t changed settings on the iPad so I think there is an error in one of my added sections. Might have to rebuild from scratch?

    At a minimum, you will have to check each component that is not displaying correctly and replace one at a time until you find fonts, designs, etc. that are compatible. I was not rebuilding my site, as I have 40 plus hours in its design.i can tell you the lack of concern or help from Godaddy has me looking at other hosting options and renewal is coming up soon! 

    To have a site builder that does not display IPad Correctly in 2017, 2018 now is absolutely unacceptable. I have found other site builders and even free ones that display correctly. Still no help on here from Godaddy techs... And most of us spend good money on our websites and services. What a joke... 

    I placed a trouble ticket and took
    Screen shots of my website and where the scrolling stops. They realize this is a serious glitch as they advertise this gocentral product as being able to conveniently edit your website from a mobile device or tablet. They escalated the issue to the advanced support dept and I hope I have contributed to successfully resolving this issue ASAP as our website is set to launch this week.

    I updated my iPad, I also logged on using another iPad.  The gocentral web builder has a glitch.  From the preview page, I can scroll on the iPhone example, but not on the iPad example they provide in the preview.  Clearly an issue on GoDaddy's platform, not an iPad issue. I put in another request for escalating this to Advanced Support.  My website is not accessible with an iPad which is not acceptable. Too many customers on iPads won't be able to see my website correctly. 

    Thank you for continuing to push this! I agree, it is unacceptable and something they should have fixed, long ago when I complained nearly a year ago... Addttionally, for those of us who have complained and had nothing done, we should be compensated for the partial handicap of a service we paid for. I am sure it won’t happen. And hence, another reason I am looking elsewhere. I have considered Wix and a couple of others. I am testing their free tools before thinking of purchasing. And once I do make a purchase elsewhere, and move my website and rebuild it, I will never come back to Godaddy. I have already cancelled one website. I have one more and that is on the verge now as well. So this really is their last chance to keep my business...

    FYI, we just published the website and I guess the iPad issue is only on the edit/preview, because I can see my website perfectly on the iPad from the URL. At least that’s a good thing.

    Well, that is a good thing for you! Lucky. Some people have reported theirs works. Many say it doesn’t. I am not sure what causes the issue. I use an IPad Air 2 and it is really messed up on my artist name on my intro page. It was the same way on Android. They did manage to fix that. But this other issue has gone on for a full year nearly. I have made numerous calls and had tickets placed. But nothing ever happens to change it. Nor am I contacted back...