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    index page changed to welcome, need to reverse

    a few years ago I changed the default directory to /home and default page to welcome.php. Cannot find the .htaccess page I used. Put the wordpress in the /home directory and the main theme page comes up but it cannot find the front page and substitutes a search offer. Probably because the address bar says home/welcome.php. Could someone  explain what I am missing? I have been unable to find the answer searching about.

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    Hey @wildhairz, sounds like you might have a .htaccess file? Typically a line in my .htaccess file would look like:

    #default index pages
    DirectoryIndex maintenance.php index.htm index.html index.php

    I would just create a new .htaccess, if it doesn't allow you to create one then you already have one that may be hidden by your hosting? Hope that helps?

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