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    looking for website help

    hi all im kinda new and looking for website tips or hints www.jayselectronicrepair.com

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    Re: looking for website help

    Hi and welcome to the forum @cooljay1977,

    If you get stuck just post your problem here and hopefully someone will know how to help Smiley Happy

    Re: looking for website help

    Best tip I an give you is - start by using the WebBuilder templates. They are cheap, many of them and fairly simple. Good luck. Venturexpo.com 

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    Re: looking for website help

    I would start simple like you have done looking over website.  You have a list of services that you provide, the cost and the contact details if a person wishing to do business with you can contact you.  Enough to get started and for potential customers to take notice.


    I would in your position, talk to your customers.  Ask them if they have seen your website.  What did they think about it?  What could be improve?  What would they like to see in it?  Use that feedback to improve the website more and make it more appealing.


    I would try to keep it simple.  I know from personal experience anything that is flashy, overdone or takes a while for me to load the page are big turn offs for me.  Often I will go to a businesses website just to get an idea of what the business is like and what they do.  Saving me a phone call or visit.  So if I am turned off by the website more than likely I will not visit the business.


    I don't know if its intentional or just an oversight, but your social media links go nowhere.  The one that does seem to work (Twitter) leads to a twitter page that is not reflective of the business so makes me wonder.  So I would fix those up right away or remove them.

    Re: looking for website help

    Hello cooljay1977
    First off, from the optimization point, put your location in the description tag for the search engines. Currently <meta name="description" content="jays electronic repair cellphone repair"/> does not tell us where you are. If you're in Denver than add it to the description and again within the text on your page. <meta name="description" content="Jays Electronic Repair cellphone repair in Denver Colorado."/> You might even add the word affordable to the description too. 



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    OS Commerce Help with outdated site

    Hello, We have a os commerce website (bibbtool.com).

    This site is outdated and we are looking for help in updating or re-designing.

    Even someone with the expertise in fixing a few small things would be great.