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    permissions not working as expected: cannot view jpg

    Used filezilla to transfer files from my old site to the new one that has Plesk.  Old site was built long ago using win7 ftp and frontpage.


    I have a number of images stored at MySite/images most are png others are .jpg, just snapshots I used when posting at various sites that do not allow uploads.


    Cant see them.

    At MySite/images/test.jpg I get file not found

    At MySite/httpdocs/test.jpg I get 500 error

    (1) went to PleskAdmin-Files-RootDirectory-images and selected that down arrow and set permissions to read/write/execute for that folder but it did not help other than not getting 500 error..

    (2) went to WebServerSettings and put an [x] in allow browsing thinking that might help.  It didnt.


    I would think this was all that was needed and the above 2 items I found by googleing and looking at the knowledge base but it seems something is different on this new server compared to the old one. My older site was on a server that did not support Plesk or the newer dotnet  which is why I upgraded..


    [EDIT - FIXED]  Fixed by moving the folder into that "httpdocs" directory.

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    permission help: know what is wrong but not how to fix it

    After upgrading from the old server that did not support .net 4.5+ to to the new one with Plesk, I cannot view or access any folders if they are specified in a path.  


    [EDIT] this was fixed by moving the directory (or path) into that httpdocs directory. 



    Re: permissions not working as expected: cannot view jpg

    Hi @JStateson, thanks for posting.

    Glad to hear you were able to get this sorted out. Thanks for sharing how you fixed it.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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