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    single page web site is all I want

    New to web site construction. I want a unique web site. All I want is a site for information with no interactions, basically to stop unwanted contacts from out of town & state request for services. I live in a small town and have been in business for over 50 years. I do not work outside my home town and every I want to work for all ready knows me. I get far too many request for work from out of town, just want out of town people to know that I don't work out of my home town. How would I go about creating that type of web page??  Just need direction as to starting place.  

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    Re: single page web site is all I want

    It seems like GoCentral is the absolute right project for your needs @ballewplumbing. I love your local approach by the way and 50 years in business means you know your trade. If you go to the GoDaddy GoCentral product page you can see examples of websites created with GoCentral in several different categories. Take advantage of the Start for free offer to see if GoCentral is right for you before you pay a dime! I hope that helps? Happy building! 


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