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    specific webpage restriction

    ive restricted access to my site, but how do i restrict access to certain pages.

    As is,the invited users can access all of the restricted pages , i want to have specific pages just for certain groups - is this possible on the gocentral website builder or only possible on wordpress?


    thank 🙂

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    Super User III
    Super User III

    Re: specific webpage restriction

    Hey there @maithai 


    Unfortunately, that's not yet possible in GoCentral. I'm pretty sure they're working on it but it's probably low priority compared to other stuff on the agenda.


    It would be possible in WordPress, however. 

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    Re: specific webpage restriction

    I want to restrict the entire site to only members access..How do I do it?

    Product Team
    Product Team

    Re: specific webpage restriction

    Great question, @Rogerkow!


    At this time, it's possible to make as many of your site's pages as you want "private," but that is not something that can be applied to the "home" page.  Depending upon what you're trying to accomplish, a lot of users have found it works for them to create a public home page that's a sort of starting point for the site's content, and then you can create as many other pages as you want on the site, and they can all be private if you so choose.  To make a page private, just click the "Private Page" toggle in the page settings.  This option appears at the time you're creating a new page, but you can also go into the settings for existing pages to toggle the setting on or off.  Once those private pages are published, anyone visiting your site will have to create an account and login to access them.  You also have the option to decide if anyone can create an account (to gain access) or if access will only be granted to specific people that you invite.  Hopefully, that's helpful. Let us know if you have other questions we can help with!