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    stuck putting dreamweaver files on GoDaddy file manager

    An old newbie here building a website in Dreamweaver.  Works fine.  Very basic.  One home page with one picture.  Looks great when I preview it thru DW but when put on GoDaddy, the pic doesn't come up.  I am missing something very basic, I know, but it is making me nuts!!  Could someone please enlighten me?  Thank you!

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    Re: stuck putting dreamweaver files on GoDaddy file manager


    Dreamweaver supports uploading the site with FTP, that's usually the easiest way to do it once you get the right settings put in.


    It's hard to know without seeing your site, but the most common reason is that web-servers running Linux are case sensitive, capital letters matter. It could also be permissions on the file or folder, but that shouldn't be an issue if you just uploaded.