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    the way a link shows up(the image shown) when i share a page.


    I am a newbie and thought I was being creative by using features on the template for other things.

    So on my site - jayvedasvitalityvault.life, I have used an image at the top of all my pages to try to have a consistent theme on all my pages. I didn't use html for this though.
    Now every time I copy the url from any page I have created, there is always the same image populated in the link.

    Is this because I tried being "smart" and used a content section to add an image to the top of my page instead of using html and putting it in the header or something?

    Shouldn't each page show up something relating to the pages content.

    Also I am not sure if this is relevant however I did use the Google search console and had Google crawl my page already.

    Please help and thank you for any help!
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