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    website builder changed my wordpress site.

    I have been working on building a wordpress blog, well today when I logged in the first thing that came up was the GoDaddy website builder.They are running a free trial and  It was showing me a possibility of my website if I used their builder. Well I like the theme and how it  is set up better then what I was trying to do in wordpress. I played around with it and accidentally hit publish! Now when I go to my wordpress site it shows up as that theme and not the wordpress site or wordpress dashboard. Now it would be great if that was my wordpress site now,but I have been reading on here that you can not transfer the godaddy site to a wordpress site Smiley Sad. So where is my wordpress site? Do i have to wait for the free trial to end for my wordpress site to come back? Or is my wordpress site gone and I have to start over now? My wordpress site is hosted through Godaddy.

    Thank you for any help!

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    Re: website builder changed my wordpress site.

     For the sake of context, what is your setup?  Do you have a hosting package in play for your domain?


    If so, do you have the options to go with a website builder AND use applications like WordPress?


    Also, when going to your WP Dashboard, do you still see your old theme?  If you do, have you tried switching back to the old theme?  You may find that your website will be restored back to what it previously was by doing so

    Re: website builder changed my wordpress site.

    Hi, Yes I have a hosting package for my domain. When I click on the wordpress admin button it takes me to the actual website and not the wordpress dashboard like it should. And there is no edit option there. and I don't see any place to change it back to the old theme. I am assuming it has changed it all because my domain now takes you to the new site(godaddy) instead of the wordpress site.I am thinking about just leaving, I really like the theme as it is now and I doubt I could recreate it in wordpress haha. But I don't want it to end up hurting me as far as a blog in the long run!

    Re: website builder changed my wordpress site.

    Hmm sounds like WordPress is no longer in control of your website and it's now working through the legacy Website Builder.


    Have you tried modifying the website by accessing that option from your cPanel??