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    GoDaddy Super User Program - 2020

    We're pleased to announce that we're updating our Super User program for 2020! With the update, we're making it a bit easier for Community members to participate by introducing a point system. This system will reward members by giving them points for each activity they participate in. Here's how the points work:



    Action taken Points awarded
    Give a kudo 1
    Reply to a topic 3
    Receive a kudo 5
    Write a solution 10
    Write a content post* 20

    * Available after achieving tier 1. Requires Community team approval.



    If you earn enough points, you'll be awarded a Super User tier. With each tier comes a number of incentives. Tiers and incentives are detailed in the chart below:


    super user program 2020.png




    What is a topic?

    Topics are new discussions started by individual members of the Community. You can create a new topic by clicking the "Add new topic" button on any page. 



    How do I write a reply to a topic?

    On each topic/reply posted in the Community, there is a "Reply" button. If you click this, you can write a reply to that message.



    What is a Kudo?

    On each topic or reply in the Community, there is a small thumbs-up or "like" icon. Clicking on this gives the author a kudo. If someone clicks this button for something you've written, you will receive a kudo. 



    What is a solution? 

    When someone writes a reply to a topic, the original author and Community members with special access will have the ability to choose the reply as a solution. This is typically used to indicate an answer to a question posed in the original topic. 



    What is a content post?  

    Content posts are topics that are written to provide specific information. This might include a "how-to" or best practices type article. 



    What is the Super User program?

    The GoDaddy Super User program recognizes and rewards the top contributors in our Community for sharing their knowledge and wisdom with other users in the GoDaddy Community.  



    Who are GoDaddy Community Super Users?

    GoDaddy Community Super Users are experienced GoDaddy customers who have a level of expertise and understanding about building and managing websites and how to have a successful online presence and business. They are volunteer participants willing to help others. 



    How do I become eligible for the GoDaddy Super User program?

    You can become eligible for the program by obtaining points based on performing the activities in the table above. After you receive enough points to obtain tier 1, you will receive a welcome message with additional details. 



    Why should I participate?

    Participating in the GoDaddy Community is a great way to help others, get to know great people(including GoDaddy employees), and stay on top of the latest, greatest features and functionality of GoDaddy products and services. 



    Can GoDaddy employees participate?

    We encourage GoDaddy employees to engage and contribute in the Community, but they are not eligible for the Super User program. Only non-employee customers are eligible to participate.  



    Do GoDaddy Super Users represent GoDaddy?

    No. They are not GoDaddy employees and therefore do not speak on behalf of GoDaddy. GoDaddy Super Users are independent customers who like to help others in the GoDaddy Community. 



    Do GoDaddy’s Community Super Users get paid?

    GoDaddy does not provide any monetary payment to our customers for participating in the program but does provide a small set of benefits for their participation. 



    How long is a Super User eligible for the program?

    Points will be awarded from January 1st to December 31st each year.



    What expectations does GoDaddy have of the participants?

    GoDaddy expects all super users in the program to abide by the GoDaddy Community guidelines, which can be found here.   



    Are there any requirements to be part of the program?

    Yes. You must be 18 years of age to participate. You must reply to posts in the Community and your replies must be accepted as solutions to the posts in order to qualify for the program.  



    Who accepts answers in the Community as “Accepted Solutions”?

    Replies are accepted as solutions by the person who authored the post, GoDaddy employees, or customers who have reached Tier 3 of the Super User program. 



    How do I move from one tier in the Super User program to the next?

    You can qualify to move from one tier to the next by participating in the activities mentioned in the table above and being awarded points. Each tier has a specific number of points that you’ll need to earn in order to qualify.  



    How do I know my status in the Super User program?

    You will be notified through email when you have met the requirements to qualify for a new tier of the program. You will also receive a badge for each tier of the program that will be visible on your profile page in the GoDaddy Community.  



    Do I automatically get opted in if I meet the requirements for a tier in the program?

    Yes. You will be notified through email when you have met the requirements to qualify for each tier of the program. If you do not want to be part of the program and have been notified that you qualify, please contact the Community team at and your name will be removed. 



    How can I contact the GoDaddy Community team if I have questions about the program?

    You can email the Community team at with questions about the program. Please do not use this email address if you have specific questions about GoDaddy products and services.  


    JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.
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