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    Super User I

    Greetings from the Web Diva® ;-)

    Me, in a nutshell:

    Web Diva®. [yes, I have the registered trademark]
    Knitting Enthusiast.
    Curly Girl.

    I’m the local go-to gal for all things web-o-matic. If I’m not creating online, my hands are probably busy tying knots in yarn with a couple o’ sticks. Collective Discovery is my online studio and sandbox.

    I've been a freelancer going back to the 90's, after ditching Corporate America for a lifestyle more suited to raising children, wearing slippers to work every day, and avoiding the insane Silicon Valley commute. All these years later, those kids are actually responsible adults, I still wear slippers to work, and the commute is even worse.

    In 2014 I published a book, Web Diva Wisdom, intended for my clients, or people just like my clients. The book answers this question: "How can I prepare myself to get the very most from my relationship with my web designer, and how can I make it the most productive and successful partnership possible?"

    Or at least it TRIES to answer it.

    I write articles for the GoDaddy Garage, which has been great fun, and a real privilege.

    I'm really looking forward to learning so much from other members here, and hopefully sharing some secrets I've learned along the way.

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    Advocate II

    Awesome! Nice to meet ya web diva. Nice job on the trademark too!

    CEO of Antbuilt, LLC