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    Hello! Checking in - pewterwoman

    Pewterwoman checking in. Still trying to find my way around in here and put that website up. 

    If I blink out in mid-word, it's because I heard more thunder. I've had one computer fried, surge protector and printer and all, when lightening hit the power pole across the road, about 250ft away. Lots of us got fried that day. Now I shut down and unplug ASAP at the first rumble. You betcha!

    I live in a valley w/ no wifi and no, I repeat, no, cell service. The carriers all say they have "coverage" here but it's a lie. Their "coverage" blows right over our heads. "We" are approx. 200 households. Only the folks w/ $$$$ can afford the big antenna to reach up and snag that beam. The rest of us have to drive a mile or 2 to high ground to talk to the outside world.

    Sometimes I think my relatives in Baltimore are right. NM is more like a 3rd world country than a state in the US.

    Ahhh. The joys of living in the country. Waaaay out in the country.

    Back to trying to search out answers to my ????


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    Community Manager

    Hi @pewterwoman. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! Thanks for taking the time to reach out. Glad you could join us. Hope you're able to find the answers you need!






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