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    Hello all, brand new entrepreneur here

    Just started my new business as a side project while I await further opportunities to arise.

    I am a Marine corps infantry veteran that is enrolled in college and I was not enjoying my time as an IT administrator. I enjoyed working from home but the pay was insulting and the environment was toxic. I felt the leadership was very poor and I just wanted a fresh start. I wasn't going to advance any time soon so I began looking elsewhere for work. I found a consultation gig for a client that is opening an 8- figure facility soon that I have a position for. The doors open in a few months so I figured what the heck, try my hand at web development for my own business interests.


    I learned a lot during my time as a backup admin and went from not knowing what command line even was to doing advanced level administration to multiple (physical and cloud-based/virtual) enterprise networks for extremely large clients. I felt comfortable to try my hand at managing my own hosting account and building a few websites for fun.


    I'll see if I can turn a profit but overall I believe this will be an educational experience like no other. Web development/business management is a skill best learned doing... not just dreaming.


    Thank you for a warm welcome into a vibrant community. I've been thoroughly satisfied with GoDaddy and their services/resources. I hope to learn much from this community!


    Need a mentor for intermediate level work, I believe I'm past the basics at this point. Please reach out if you are interesting in leading a devoted individual 🙂

    Robert Anderson
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    Welcome to the community!

    Community Manager

    Hi @androb91. Welcome to the Community! Glad to have you. Be sure to check out our GoGetter community! You may be able to find a mentor there. 






    JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.
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    I hope your venture is treating you well!!  I just signed up to GoDaddy today in hopes of getting my beaded jewelry noticed and sold!!

    Taracia Chappell