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    I just joined GoDaddy Community from the deep south of Mississippi.

    Hi everybody. I just joined the GoDaddy community and would like to say "Hello." I am an American concert pianist, a Steinway Artist, who "is continuing the tradition of pianists from the Golden Age of the piano." I offer concerts consisting of classical music, as well as concerts of combined classical and sacred music. My website address is http://davidmward.com   Hope all is well with everyone!

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    Re: I just joined GoDaddy Community from the deep south of Mississippi.

    Welcome aboard, glad to know there is another Mississippi musician on the web.  I am a programmer by trade but am an amateur violinist.  Was in the USM Symphony for three semesters in 93-94, am a charter member of the Metro Chamber Orchestra in Jackson, but have had bad luck auditioning for the Miss. Symphony.


    I heard your youtube recording of the Moonlight Sonata, I was impressed!

    Re: I just joined GoDaddy Community from the deep south of Mississippi.

    Nice to meet you, wbport. Glad you liked my Beethoven- he is one of my favorite composers. I am a concert pianist, and you can hear more at my website davidmward.com which has links to my YouTube site, LinkedIn site, as well as my Facebook music site.

    I take it you live in Jackson. While I am not originally from Mississippi, I do have family all over the state. I also have had many violinist friends. You said you are a programmer by trade- one of my best friends works with computers in New York City, but I think his first love is music. Anyway, good to meet you. Take care, David M Ward

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    Community Manager

    Re: I just joined GoDaddy Community from the deep south of Mississippi.

    Hey @davidmward

    Welcome! It's very cool to have a concert pianist as part of our Community. Maybe you can recommend some great music to listen to on a daily/weekly basis. Glad that you've already met another Mississippian (is that what you guys call yourselves?) here. You guys will have to meet in person some day. Take care and hope to see more from you in the near future. 


    Re: I just joined GoDaddy Community from the deep south of Mississippi.

    Hello @davidmward David,


    I too am a sacred music composer and concert pianist however my music is more contemporary instrumental than classical. 


    I was thinking that if you liked my work, we might consider performing together or putting together a concert of sacred music pianists but of different styles and genre.


    Perhaps combine a Southern Gospel pianist like Tim Sidden, plus a more classical pianist like Donovan Johnson or yourself alongside pianist with a Gospel background from the AME church and a dose of my own sacred music compositions  all together in a concert sharing the same stage? 


    In any case...I am a producer of piano driven, family, music stage shows that range in size and scope from my solo piano concerts and Bass/Piano duos, Jazz trios all the way up to the cast of my production, "I Love Top Tell The Story" originally conceptualized by acclaimed actor, Bill Oberst, Jr. or "A Piano Driven Tribute to the Music of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber" .


    Both of these, as do all of my productions,  feature  a stellar cast (and crew) of 10-30 award winning musicians, vocalists, instrumentalists, Emcee, Comedians, and Full Gospel Choirs like "Spiritually Yours" an all female gospel sextet, and Children's  Choirs from the area in which we perform....for example.


    Please feel free to contact me if you're interested.



    Rocky Fretz


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