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    Shifting the Way We Conference: Our Goal is to Hire Speakers and Entertain Our Audience



    My name is Allison Ford and I am a motivational speaker and founder of Motherhood ReWritten: A Theatrical Conference. As a speaker, I have had this vision every time I was attending or speaking at a conference. I kept seeing a way for performance to enter into the presenting of content. A way to marry Broadway and TED. What if we could learn like that?! 


    If you have ever attended a conference, you know it can get boring...real boring. And so, I would add on skits, and dances, and spoken word in my mind, as I saw each topic. So maybe a woman was speaking on culture within your business. I would think, how great would it be to have an actual skit in the middle of this talk? A satirical piece of how culture turns negative in the first place. How the employees rally in mutual resentment at their boss, or that co-worker who never pulls their weight. Or how about that co-worker who always asks more questions in meetings--you know the one...


    How much would that wake an audience up? How cool would it be to have song and dance communicate a message, and then, bring it home with your words, your solutions? 


    As a former high school teacher, I understand that teaching has shifted these days. We do need to entertain, we do need to have our students feel a subject, we do need to integrate technology--and then--we can truly teach them the solution, strategy, or formula. For us, this is just part of the job. 


    After thinking these thoughts for about four years, teaching myself how to write scripts, and talking to countless speakers about how the industry is also shifting, I knew I needed to take the risk. I got two founders on board, and we decided to hold the first theatrical conference...at least that I'm aware of. 


    It's a conference on motherhood and parenting. We have seven expert speakers, giving 18 minute TED style talks, and a load of performance throughout the show. We do have a Broadway opening, with original music, song and dance. We have a day that will keep our audience wanting more. We are taking them on a journey about why we think the way we do around motherhood, what's not quite working, how we fix it, and why being a fulfilled care-taker is so important for yourself, your home, your business, and for the world. Our energy matters. And we will be sending children into this world--which is nothing to take lightly. We have amazing content, as a conference seeks to offer...but our performances solidify that content and inspire the audience to open themselves for deep learning, reflection, and retention. 


    This project takes a village--and that's the truth! 


    We are currently looking for Sponsors who believe in the new type of conference. Who see that an audience will keep coming back to see this kind of content hit the stage. We are also looking for passionate moms who have a message to share. To join us on this incredible journey.  


    If you feel you know someone who would love to support a vision such as this, please reach out to us! 


    And if you have been wanting to share your message, please do the same. 


    Thank you for listening, and I hope you go after anything that is just burning inside of you...even if it seems crazy. 




    Here is my contact information: 

    E: Motherhoodsolutions@gmail.com




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    Getting Started

    Hi Allison,


    Very interesting.  I like your approach.

    While I do enjoy conferences I might also add that the most important work at conferences goes on in the corridor... not in the sessions.  

    I use a TV game show style for my workshop and introductory programs.    It is certainly not the same approach that you use, but I think it aims to achieve the same objectives.   My URLs are EducationByEntertainment and FunFunFun.Fun. 



    Very interesting concept.  Reminds me of the concept around "dinner theater." Certainly makes it more memorable.  there's a great quote I think rings true to what you're suggesting, from Ben Franklin; "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn."  I think you're really referring to the latter, and think it's a great idea.


    Excited to see where this goes!



    If I answered your question, please mark it as the solution or give it a "Kudo"

    What a perfect BF reference 🙂 Thank you so much for the kind words! It means a lot, truly. 

    I looked up what you're doing with those programs! Really cool concept as well. And kids especially need this kind of instruction and interaction.


    Keep up the good work!  

    Hi Allison,

    Thank you for checking our what we do and for your comment.  Much appreciated.  (I assume it is directed to me, but GoDaddy just shows the postings in order as best I can tell, so I can't be sure...)

    I hope we will get to meet (and possibly work together) some day.